Sky’s Not the Limit

At one point in a every childs life, there has been a curiosity about what lies beyond the great blue skies above.Who is out there? What is out there? How awesome would it be to fly a space ship? I wonder if the moon is made of cheese?One game dares to answer all these questions. That game is presented by Hello Games. That game is No Man’s Sky.No Man’s Sky looks like it will be very promising simply because it expands on the what if part of imagination. A ship is provided for you to fly through vast amounts of galaxies, land on near endless planets and discover new life forms. The possibilities of this game can never cease to amaze.

Obviously this will not be the typical run and gun,6 hour story line, prestige, lather, rinse, repeat function of most games. No Man’s Sky possesses the possibility to provide an escape from the average stagnation of todays gaming outline. Each planet is vastly different from the last. It is just as likely to land on a planet of small and peaceful creatures with a breath-taking mountain chain or cool waters as much as it is possible to land in a hostile storm ridden environment or a surface full of enemies. The game is dynamic in this aspect and will provide things that cannot be predicted.

To add to worlds of danger the galaxy is not safe either. This is a game about survival and discovery and while the discovery aspect of things is always fun the survival is always there. Ships pop in and out from hyper space challenging you in asteroid fields that can be destructed in order to provide cover for an escape. With that being said, you need to break certain rocks, plants or other objects in order to fill your supply of materials to help upgrade your suit and your ship.

As far as a release date this wonder will have to wait a while but the wait will be worth it. If current videos and screen shots are what is to come then there will promise in every moment spent crafting this game.So as this the creativity continues to grow and shine the finished product will reflect the hard work and effort put forth by Hello Games.

Until next time! This briefing is dismissed! See you in the skies fly guys and gals.

The rush is loud,so ride the lightning

-War Child offline

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