The Hit Box: Stan Lee Racist? Why he is not in my opinion.

The Source posted a little blurb/video about how Stan Lee proclaims that “Spider Man should not be gay or black.” E-online also followed up with their own announcement from Captain Excelsiors take on the web slinger. Now, for those of you so are hot under the collar about this or are ready to contact your LGBT/NAACP rep. Calm down. You probably aren’t into comics that much anyway. I agree with Stan. If the story is already established why change it? These characters have been around for years and already have a set definition to their personality as well as back story. Stan makes a good point about changing characters into something that doesn’t make sense.

Why would you change the Black Panther into a white character? When clearly there is s respectful and dignified persona behind Panthers whole makeup. Why would you make Luke Cage Latino? Or change Wolverines orientation to gay? There is far too many stories in the Marvel U that have built on the characters concrete foundations. But what about the gay/lesbian/bi-sexual characters? “There are none!”,some are quick to say. This is blurted out in ignorance mostly by people who want representation in the community but don’t already know they have it. I believe Hulkling was marvels first Bi character. Dakken is another on the list and is also the SON (by blood in fact) of Wolverine plus there are many more either in the Marvel U or to come. What people will probably be quick over look is the fact that Stan Lee stated that keeping characters the way they are supposed to be is the best way to make things work, if they need any new characters to be black gay, lesbian, etc. create them. There is a vast comic book universe out there so make use of it.

This seems to be the problem with media lately. There are barely any new or creative ideas and old things tend to get re-made just to make quick money. Stan Lee was not being racist. If anything he was trying to get people to understand that when you have a strong character in the media, you shouldn’t change who they are just to appease a certain group be they of race or sexuality. So I encourage you to think about where he is coming from and see what he is telling the comic world. Don’t be mad, be creative. Don’t change what doesn’t need to be changed. Create something new. This is being said with the knowledge of Miles Morales and a black Nick Fury being introduced into the Ultimate Universe.But MM was introduced after the death of Peter Parker and the Ultimate universe was an alternate version of another universe which Marvel has many different universes. Changing Fury’s color doesn’t change the story of his origin and Morales was brought in as a separate Spider-Man in his own right. But in order to change the origin story of a character you have to go back and change too much which takes away from the actual skeletal structure that gives a character its own personality. Instead of Aunt May “Peter” would probably be a poor inner city youth who was raised by his single parent mom in the projects or some other way of trying to make him black. Stans statements break that stereotype. It would make more sense to make a character who is black that doesn’t come from the projects. People come from all shades and walks of life they do not have to follow the same repetitive story just to say that they are this color or orientation.

Mr. Lee, I say good on you and I respect your statements. I also agree if people want to see some one that champions their cause then they should create them, themselves or as you put it “I will create them myself”.

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