Electronic Entertainment Expo X3! E3!

So…I log on to the YouTubes today and find an explosion of updates for one of the best gaming expos ever! E3! Once again it looks like Sony has stolen the show. With the announcement of The Last Guardian to start the roll, all they had was shade for Microsoft. They also announced Uncharted 4:Theif’s End which looks absolutely AMAZING! Shenmue 3! The all time long awaited Final Fantasy 7 Remake! The interesting upstart in the form of Horizon: Zero Dawn! Robo,dinosaur madness! Hitman the assassinations continue! So many games so little time. I think I’m going to post my top expected games that are coming out soon and I think we should start with a classic. So get ready to rip and tear with War Child games first expected title…DooM! That’s right! DooM!!!

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