Much needed R&R

So last week for 3 [technically 4] days I have spent my time in San Diego. Other than crazy driving and outrageous street side parking things here are great.
I’m sitting here at the gate waiting on seating assignments and all I can think of is coming back here.
The mindset of this place is very open and laid back. Everyone seems nice and the weather is perfect. One of the coolest experiences was going to an outside mall area in Mission Valley. Also eating sushi at Kula was a very awesome experience. That place should be a definite go to spot.
Its a refreshing experience being able to go to a place where a majority of the population has tattoos and are not being judged by other people. The goal is to move there when things line up so hopefully, my plans will see light.
Until then, get ready for more updates and remember the Cons are coming!

The rush is loud, so ride the lightning
-War Child offline

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