The Show Without Fear

The Show Without Fear!

For someone like me, who cannot access CW Atlanta, it goes without saying that I cannot watch the cool geek stuff. Thankfully all of these shows are now on Netflix.It’s just going to take a ridiculous amount of watching for me to be able to catch up to where everyone else is and believe me for a show that’s so deep in its seasons I’ve heard my fair share of spoilers.Still as a fan of comic books, particularly Marvel but I am opening my heart up more to DC, it’s my duty to watch shows that are comic based. All that being said I’m still trying to catch up on Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. and it’s going to be a hot minute before I’m done…Oh yeah…Hail Hydra!

Blindly Making an Impact

Daredevil is composed of a cast that is talented and willing to take on the rolls that they are given. Charlie Cox does an excellent job as Matt Murdock/Daredevil.Given the fact that, like normal people, visually impaired people don’t need to continuously remind themselves that there is a chair or a wall in front of them. Once they become aware of the environment they don’t have to keep touching the entire area. That being said Charlie Cox does a wonderful job at being visually impaired. When he meets people for the first time he holds his hand out and waits until it is shaken instead of going straight into a handshake. He doesn’t make direct eye contact with the people he converses with but he does look towards their general direction. Even the use of the walking stick is not forgotten about and he uses it as if it really is a necessary tool instead of something just to beat around on the ground with. I can thoroughly appreciate him even more when he portrays the Daredevil. Cox gives DD his own spin on the masked vigilante persona which is good because the last thing we need is a Marvel version of Batman. One hero with a gruff voice is good enough try something new. His delivery is in good form as he makes you believe that he is the embodiment of the Man Without Fear. Elden Henson makes a really good Foggy Nelson he is serious when he needs to be and can channel a wide spectrum of emotions when they need to be brought to the surface. But he does have a lot of comic relief moments which makes a serious as dark as this one all the more light-hearted and likable. Vincent D’Onofrio where to even begin with this guy. Skeptical was the first thing that came to mind when he portrayed the Kingpin in the beginning but the more screen time he was given the more believable he became until it was a must to see him on-screen. D’Onofrio is the perfect foil roll to Cox and brings a dark almost sad aura to the screen when he personifies the Kingpin. There are so many other characters to get into but I highly recommend watching for yourself in order to see just how well things mesh together.

The Clothes Make the Man

To even say the costume design for every character in this series was great does the show no justice. Daredevils beginner vigilante suit was inspired by the Frank Miller version. The hero doesn’t look like a man who is ready to go out and crack some heads. He’s more along the lines of a guy wearing dark sweats and sneakers who’s trying to do the best he can with what he has and that works perfectly in this case. The Kingpins suits are always immaculate when he is on-screen and there is even a guest appearance by a Hand ninja. The costume makes it easy to tell the Hand will be involved in Hells Kitchen later on and is really a point of pride for fans to see it in the series. The final suit is what really brings everything together. I won’t spoil things too much but I will say that it does a great honor to the portrayal of Daredevil and really makes you want season two to get here ASAP.

If this is not enough to get your attention then I don’t have anything else for you. Arrow and Flash are good shows from what I hear but for those more geared towards the Marvel genre this show is not one to be slept on. It is worth binge watching on your days off and will not be a waste of time. I highly recommend that you start watching…Like NOW! Go! Open a window to Netflix, here I’ll help you! What are you waiting for!? It is your duty to the War Child Alliance to go and watch this series, that’s an order!

The rush is loud,so ride the lightning -War Child signing off

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