Berserk:The Golden Age Arc


I have always been curious about the Berserk series but never had the ability (or money) to look into it during the height of its popularity. Thankfully I came across this gem a few weeks ago. Berserk:The Golden Age Arc is set after the main character, Guts, is able to fend for himself as a Mercenary. Being the main character and a blade for hire Guts is clearly that cannot be beat…Or so it would seem. After being captured by the mercenary group The Band of the Hawks and their leader ,Griffith, Guts found himself in a duel for his own freedom as a single blade for hire. Griffith beats him and claims Guts as his own personal soldier in his army. The story progresses forward with Guts becoming a successful captain in the group.

Things become even more interesting as Griffith reveals his plans to have his own kingdom and subjects to rule over. His plans require the elite skills of his loyal captains and the members of his army to help him achieve his goals. With their skills it looks like they might achieve the success that Griffith seeks at least until they come across one of the most gruesome opponents they have ever faced in the form of a 200-year-old warrior by the name of Nosferatu Zodd. Zodd looked like a haggard, malicious, brute and his only goal was to find the most challenging warrior to match his skills in a fight to the death. Guts was that challenge and unfortunately for him Zodd proved to be more than just a blood crazed brute. Zodd in fact a demon with intent of killing guts one on one. Griffith comes to save Guts before he can perish at the hands of Zodd but becomes incapacitated.


Zodd turns his focus to the helpless Griffith and prepares to deliver the death-blow but stops. There is a symbol of evil the demon remembers in the form of Griffiths behelit necklace.Upon seeing it he begins to flee but gives Guts a warning about the true intentions of Griffith and what he may have planned. Guts continues on with the Band of the Hawks despite the warning. Like always though, the credits roll and leaves you hanging and wanting more.


I won’t even lie, when I found out that the series had finishes I began to look for more films. At first I was afraid that I would only be able to purchase physical media from online but I found the next two films in the Amazon Prime marketplace. Eager for more I quickly purchased and watch them. The story only becomes more tragic. I won’t spoil the story for anyone who has not seem the series or the films but they are well worth the money. The only thing I want to see now is the end result of the beginning. Below is an image of Guts in the Bersek armor. This is what Guts wears after the events of the Golden Age Arc and he wields a huge sword called Dragonslayer that is capable of doing what it is named for.


Thanks for the support and thank you for reading. I really hope that this series gets looked into and I promise that it is well worth it. The art styling is raw and sets the tone of the series. I especially love the facial animations when the characters are fighting you can almost feel the force behind each and every blow. I’ll say it again, I really recommend watching this series of films and ,if you are in the same predicament that I am, I encourage you to look for the anime series as well.

The rush is loud,so ride the lightning
-War Child signing off

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