Wrestling Wednesday wReK-ap (5/18/2015)


NXT, my wrestling go to! The portal from my childhood looking into the future! The best show in the business (Ok that’s a little over the top). Last nights show wasn’t as great as the other ones but that’s understandable. The stars were on the road, they also were part of the Arnold Classic (March 5th-8th)  so they made appearances, also a major event with a long teased match between Finn Bálor and Kevin Owens will be aired days before Wrestlemania. So not wanting to wear down your talent while on the road to a major show is understandable.

That being said there weren’t too many fire works happening in the ring this past show. upcoming event aside, and I say this with love and respect for the brand, there are still a talented stars that could have been utilized. Rhyno came back recently and was shown on a few airings lately, The Brian Kendrick has also made an appearance and has recently put on a match with Finn Bálor to build hype for the NXT Championship match with Owens. Also it looks like Owens had to undergo knee surgery. Owens has not had it easy ever since he’s debut at NXT: Takeover. Matter of fact CJ Parker broke his nose with a palm strike in his first official NXT match and now this. I know he’s the champion and yes he is making more money but man what a crap shot for luck.

With that being said the card for the 18th consisted of:

Tyler Breeze def. Kalisto This was a decent match. “Prince Pretty” has been on a role lately, I’ll give him that, I just wish his finishing move was a little different from the one he has now. In my opinion his ring persona is similar to that of a John Morrison and he should have a move set to match that. He’s flashy and self-absorbed and should have a finisher to match that. I feel that his moves aren’t as impactful as they should be and giving him something that has that extra IT would go a long way to getting him noticed. I would hate for him to become like an Adam Rose stuck in a storyline hell and used for your entourage and that’s about it. He has a good look to him and does decent mic work but I think with some more work he will become a major NXT staple. I say this because the last few times I’ve tuned into NXT this guy has been putting in work on a weekly basis.

John Morrison
Tyler Breeze

Blake def. Colin Cassady– This match was ok. What really stood out to me was the hype from Enzo Amore. This guy has tons of charisma and really lights up the crowd when he comes out. I mean in a business where it pays to have a larger than life attitude this guy brings it, cheetah hair and all. But he wasn’t the main focus of the match but he made it memorable in the beginning. Also Blake and Murphy (a Texan and an Australian, hell of a combo) gave the craziest, energetic intro I’ve seen in a minute.

Alexa Bliss def. NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks via Count-out (Non-Title Match)– I’m guessing that this was a come back/ home town match. However, it wasn’t the best divas match I’ve seen. Sasha looked great, as always, and that Double D knee drop in the corner is always an eye opener. But Sasha lost to count out…The Champion…Lost to count out…Not cool. Now because of that Alexa is, somehow, getting a title shot at the next NXT event. Don’t even know how to feel about that.

NXT Champion Kevin Owens def. Alex Riley (Non-Title Match)– Here it is, the meat and potatoes of the night. Kevin Owens actually put forth a major fight instead of running away at the bell. The new master of mind games put on another clinic in this match and completely berated Riley. He slapped him in the beginning and after the first tie up everything looked one-sided in favor in Owens. The funny thing is that I knew the guard railing would get used sooner or later during the night and Owens did not upset. Watching him do three sentons in succession was eye wincing. After everything that he did to Riley the Knock Out, pop up power bomb, finisher was just the merciful ending that was needed to end the match. Keeping in the mindset of Owens, I knew that he would try to make an example of Riley just like he did Neville and Zayn. Thankfully Finn Bálor came to his rescue stopped him from power bombing Riley into the ring apron.

I like the direct that things in NXT are taking but I still have to ask, What about Itami? He’s a great wrestler and has an amazing resume and skill set. I feel that his lack of english is a major reason as to why they don’t book him properly. This is a sad fact because this man is a work horse. He is already over with the crowd since before his contract signing, he has had great matches especially against Finn, and he will learn if given a chance to grow even more. I just hope, should Finn win the championship, that they will give him a good storyline to lead up to a title match against Finn. That will be an epic match for the ages.

One of the best match ups in NXT.

I guess all we can do is stay tuned to see what will happen. I thank you for your time and support, as always and I hope you enjoyed reading and as always remember:

The rush is loud, ride the lightning!

-War Child signing off

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