Renewing the Life Blood (Changing the Industry)

For  those of you who are familiar with programming and development this article should be right up your alley. As released on in February Epic games has released $5 million dollars in grants towards developmental projects using the Unreal Engine. I believe this is a great idea thanks to the simple fact that this can get the development community a buzz with creativity. Most games that have come out this year have been pretty stale and it would be amazing to see what the indie community can do with full backing, even if it is just by using Unreal Engine to create something new. The best thing about this deal is that all the intellectual property will continue to belong to the creators no matter what.

The first grant they handed out was worth $50k and that money was  towards the first  recipients of the program.
One recipient was given to Koola, a French development office, in the sum of $18k. Koola’s project involved using unreal Engine 4 to create photorealistic architectural visualizations and outdoor scenes.  Other recipients of $18k are Jake Kaufman and artist and voice actress Jessie Seely for their work towards Nuren: The New Renaissance. The project creates a virtual reality rock opera. I’ve heard of some cool music mash-ups but this one has me curious. No discredit to Nuren but this next one takes the cake for me. Developer Mike Buttsney is getting $15,000 towards his IP, Dead Static Drive, a horror themed driving game with a comic art style twist.

This industry could use a new type of indie view to help it grow. Lately it feels as if things have gotten stagnant. Billion dollar projects such as Destiny or a Call of Duty have flooded the market with repetitive action. I love my first person shooters but there is only so many you can do before the redundancy becomes overwhelming. Just like there are only so many third person shooters you can do before it becomes stale. Unreal is a very powerful enginem I remember the days of Lineage II,powered by said engine,  and loving every second of it. The graphics were so vivid and very detailed. Even the enemies did not bother me with repetition because the content as a whole was wonderful. That was a game truly worth my time.

Batman and Army of Two both used the Unreal Engine and I am a fan of both. Through the years it feels as though that the use of this technology has been pushed to greater and greater limits and I hope to see wonderful things in the near future. But only time will tell.


I thank you all once again for your time and your attention.Until next time my fellow readers.

The rush is loud, so ride the lightning!

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