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So in my search for good quality watching I have come up short in the moment. There hasn’t really been too many good things to watch and I am running out of games to play. I can’t even bring myself to attempt (yes attempt not enjoy, not indulge, not even forshiggles) to play Destiny. Last time I tried it was a night fall mission with all burns activated and I quit after being long sniped from a distance. I just didn’t feel like hide and seek sniping on the same board with the same enemies. If this game were shampoo, I would have washed all my hair out by now. Bald with boredom. But I think I found the solution. Guaranteed to make you a sexual tyrannosaurus! You’ll be picking up chicks in no time! Grow hair on yer chest and live like the best!…Ok well maybe not all of that but still! If a hair tonic was needed I guess you could say that it would come in the form of Powers.


 From page to screen

Apparently Powers originated from a comic book going by the same name. I haven’t had a chance to read the comic book, seeing as how I recently discovered it, but I can tell you I am hooked worst than an Addict…Without the strange side effects…Ok moving on. I am very interested to see how this series will turn out.


The story starts off with the main character, Walker, leading a power (super powered human) into a police station with his partner. He then proceeds to take care of some business before they can place the power fully into the jail cell. The story has to start on a sour note to get things rolling so here it comes. His partner becomes distracted while picking up a dropped item. As he is distracted the power slams into the cell door and send him flying into a column to his death.

The events sour our main character even more to the point where the media scrutinizes him for the lack of effort to contain the incident and question his ability to act despite him being (drum roll please) a former power himself. Almost immediately  they replace his former partner with a newbie officer to the Powers Division named Deena Pilgrim.


These two make a really great foil for each other and as the plot continues to roll on they learn more about each other and seem to peel away at the layers of tension that were put up between the two. It’s your typical gruff “Ugh, my partner just died” cop teamed up with a partner that looks up to them because of what they accomplished, but with super powers. I really enjoy the fact that they go out of their way to show you how Walker makes use of his current life as a detective, as well as utilizing his previous skills as a former power, to help find clues and work angles on a crime scene. Of course, if you are going to have a successful drama you cannot just get one perspective.

The bad guys are just as interesting as the good guys. They flesh them out yet they don’t go too much into detail. I can’t blame this fact because you don’t want to know everything about the villans until it’s time to see the master plan. Johnny Royale is the opposite of Walker. You come to find out that Walker and Royale used to work together when Walker still had powers under the moniker of Diamond. I really thought it was interesting that Royale is peddling boosting drugs, called Sway, to the powers community. The way they are putting this series together is enough to get you hooked and on the edge of your seat, bed or whatever you are watching from. Needless to say I was disappointed when I got to the last episode and there were no more to watch.


I hope that Sony allows this show to grow and shine under a careful eye. Because the way things look now things are about to become very interesting. Personally I am curious about the comics now and will probably find a way to go back and read them. But for now, I am glad that I have something to watch while I wait on Game of Thrones and The Strain to come back on.

Thank you all for your support and time and I hope that you will consider giving this show a watch.

Until next time

The rush is loud, so ride the lightning!

-War Child signing off

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  1. _Powers_ is an amazing comic. I’ll have to see if I can dig up my copies to loan you.

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