if I had to give a full on opinion about one of the most addictive games that I have played lately ,that game being in the form of Mercenary Kings, I would say that it is one of the most awesome, 8-bit, side…Well I wouldn’t even call it side scrolling I would call it all over the screen, type games that I’ve touched in a minute. I’ve been playing this game since before The Order 1886 came out (if you are curious about this game you should check out my previous review because…We’ll I…Wasn’t exactly too happy with it. I really was disappointed with it and I felt it could have been better. I was CLOSE to buying the collectors edition but I knocked it down to the limited edition, next higher up, poor mans treasure chest edition, whatever it was called that’s the one I purchased. After playing it I am glad I didn’t buy the collectors edition. It wasn’t worth my time.

But anyway, I’m not here to talk about that game. As I said if you are curious you can check the previous review. No, I’m here to talk about this 8-bit indie game that, as far as I could tell, started out on Steam. What Steam is, is an application/software program that used to be, and I use that loosely, a pc based program that would allow you to download full games major and indie to your computer. It looked like some of the Steam games were ported over to consoles because I saw a few games in the PS4 marketplace for a great discount and I told myself, “I need some new games anyway, why not?” I scroll through the marketplace and I download…Dead or Alive (Yeah I was desperate) I think it was called Last Round? Beat Down? I don’t know it was some fancy title and while I’m on that,let me be real. This game hasn’t been the same since 3. I’ve heard people say DOA and DOA 2 are classics where as 3 is where things changed for the worse. I enjoyed DOA 3 and it is what made me go back and play the first two. But when 4 came out it was questionable. Somehow I made it to 5 thanks to a demo from a poorly crafted Ninja Gaiden 3 (you know the one that was almost like a Power Rangers beat down? That was before they fixed it) and good God after playing the demo I never wanted to play DOA ever again. Those were a few of my purchases but as I looked through other games I noticed Mercenary Kings (You have to yell the title when you say it…Play the game and find out why) so I figured I would give it a try. The game looked interesting loaded with goofy artwork and for some odd reason it reminded me of Metal Slug. Boy was I in for my moneys worth as soon as I started playing the game.

As soon as the nostalgic imagery kicked in I was hooked. The old school, scrolling story telling kicks in along with the cheesy MIDI type music and it captures you. After the story/intro is over they send in the troops, originally four, only to watch them get ambushed. Two mercs die and only King and Queen , the male and female mercs, survive. Then you have a whole cast of zany characters such as Ironside the blade maker, Lawless the gunsmith and so many others. Even the cook kills me. He reminds me of this hardcore, no nonsense , Ex-Navy seal guy and it’s just hilarious. They start you off with a pistol and immediately I flash back to my Metal Slug days. If it was going to be anything like that old school game you have to go around, shoot up everything and pick up your power ups to make your weapon stronger.

Essentially, shooting is what the game is about but there is more to it than just simple bang, bang shoot em up. Once you finish the first level you open up a whole camp area where you can purchase items (C4, Medkits, etc) to help you through the levels. You can even go back and change the color of your mercenary.The ultimate, best thing about this game is the armory.The more levels you complete the more weapon parts you unlock. The more weapons you unlock the crazier the weapon customization becomes. You can have a shotgun receiver with a machine gun barrel with a sniper scope (Sniper scope +Shotgun O_o? Really?) Bullet types vary from caustic, cry, incendiary and so on and so forth. they really went all out with the combos you can make to have fun in the game.

I have become really addicted to this game so much in fact that a co-worker of mine, on my friends list, claimed that I had been playing the game straight for 48 hours…Um, about that…See what happened was…I fell asleep and the game was still going and I thought I had cut it off but I guess I hadn’t…So…Maybe I do need a little bit of help. But the point is. This game rocks! I do know I sleep, I don’t know when I do it but the first thing I do is cut this game on.

Even the sounds of the game are good! Pistols,shotguns and machine guns can really take you back to the old Metal Slug days.More aspects of this really remind me of a splash of Contra and Mega Man added in as well. Side scrolling mixed with platforming form the soul of this wonderful creation. The enemies are just as goofy as the main characters. They may be different color shades of the characters in the beginning but more and more get added to the roster and makes for a great blend of antagonist cast. Common enemies can get a boost later on in the game. The One Eyed Joe enemies are a good example of this. Their back story is that they had one of their eyes removed just so they could shoot better. They go from being this bad ass, one-eyed jungle gorilla to this armored, recon sniper with more hit points. Even the boss characters get this same treatment.

All and all this is a great game and it’s really addictive. If I had more time (I’d probably be a zombie by now from playing this game. It’s well worth the money and time spent. If you like old school, side scrolling shooters this is the game for you and if you love customizing weapons this game is right up your alley.My first 5/5 score! Officer Defeated! The enemy has been routed and victory is ours!

Thank you for letting me indulge in my nostalgia. This is a very happy War Child thanking you for your time and support and remember to tune in and read my next riveting adventures in the gaming world.

But until next time.

The rush is loud, so ride the lightning!

-War Child signing off.

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