So this guys been busy

I’ve been busy all this week. I’ve been working on to get my life right and doing things better for myself so the things I produce will be better as well. Between trying to get the software and design a potential business card as well as a new logo I’ve been trekking forward with a goal in mind, focus on getting more. Not just more out of life but more out of the content I present. A good friend of mine recently sat down and talked about changes in gaming hardware and storytelling, Marvel and Sonys new deal and Aquaman’s new look for the new DC comics and movies. I will post these conversations up on the podcast once I get done with the editing.

Also, my computer is continuously trying to eat my updates thanks to it freezing. If i have to I’ll type everything up on my cell phone or tablet. My words will reach the masses. Thank you for the support and attention you continue to show me and says stay tuned!

The rush it’s loud so ride the lightning!
-War Child signing off

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