Damn it! Bloody! Son of a….(The Order 1886)


And that’s pretty much most of the dialogue in the game..and describes the game in itself…And how my week has been.. Where to even begin? I feel so let down by this game. I mean I wasn’t expecting it to be a huge blockbuster or anything but….What happend? I’m trying to find a starting point to latch onto and go from but damn, it’s all bad. This game feels like it’s a mix between Gears of War and The Last of Us but that’s about where all similarities to any of these games end. I think I’ll just start with what I see first.

It’s a high graphic bloody damn maze!

That’s right, a movie quality maze.A dark, repetitive maze. It feels like every single level I was on was either a straight (take your pick vertical or horizontal) corridor or a bunch of corridor areas made into a maze like following area. I was very, very disappointed with this. Yes the eye candy is enough to make a blind man cry at what he sees but that’s about the only good thing in the visual department. They spent so much time on graphics that navigating the maze area is difficult because sometimes you don’t know where you are going. There was a part where I had to break down some wooden planks blocking a door way only to discover a room….Then after looking around said room I realized that going back wasn’t an option so what can I do? I started looking and looking figured I would look some more and then found a climbable area.I spent a good five minutes looking for something that should have been right there. There were no highlighted or diffrent textured areas to let a person know that this is an item you can interact with. They had no problem doing that earlier on in the game but now towards the end it was harder to find and I don’t know why.Also, I understand that the main character, Sir Galahad I believe, is older but why does he have to move like a geriatric who’s main goal is to get to the end of the level to find his meds. Running is fine. Walking is fine. When he climbs it’s almost like watching a guy with constipation push hard enough to force things to happen. The stealth aspect confuses me, every time I even got near a wall or a shrub or a bloody anything the character sticks to it and pops up his head like a lost meerkat looking for predators in the open planes. Oh and lets get to the controls and game play.

Like bloody Spider-Man !

Obviously the main purpose of the game is to shoot things, duh, but I don’t understand why the controls are so clingy. As I stated I had issues with walking by something and becoming static cling man. With the ability to walk by a guard instead of behind him (See video below).

Then on top of that NPC characters don’t really seem to be doing anything. I cannot tell you how many times I heard “Shotgunner ahead” only to have my company get stuck in front of my character allowing the buckshot (at this point salt) to perforate The Knight Formerly Known as Galahad. And another thing, as if shotgunners weren’t bad enough, how do I take a heavy out? Every time a heavy comes charging into the maze,contained,combat area, thing…Hell with it! Every time a heavy came into the terrarium everything that was in my inventory was poured at them until they fell down. It should not be that hard to kill a simple enemy in the game. It’s basically like every other enemy, just with armor, what’s so special about that? And since the inventory system is brought up…

Why do I have to rotate every object that I bloody pick up?

So you have your typical fare of guns that you pick up, which you never really see anything describing what the gun is or the history of it or anything, The only time you have any real interaction with a new weapon is when it’s a heavy or game changing piece of arsenal. I loved the thermite gun and thought the electolauncher (I know it’s not the real name of it but that’s what it is) were some of the coolest guns in the game and the shotguns (killed by more so than used) are some of the most powerful ones I’ve seen in a game. Roll up on a guy, “Hey how ya doin! BLAM!” and end up taking out his friend that was running away because you got to close to his personal space. But cool guns aside, it seems like any time you pick up an item of interest it HAS to be rotated in the grasp of the character. Pick up a newspaper, read it and rotate it. Pick up a picture, look at it, flip it, look some more, rotate it. Pick up a, you get the picture. It was kind of annoying aspect of the game and I didn’t see why it was introduced just like some other aspects such as quick time events.

I think I missed my mark. Quick time strikes again.

I am starting to hate quick time, button mashing events. I really am. I didn’t mind them in Shadows of Mordor. Didn’t mind them too much in Dying Light. But here it is overkill and unexpected because they made this game flow like a movie. I don’t know if it was because I was tired, played the game during the morning as soon as I woke up or was just fatigued. But every time a quick time event came up I wasn’t ready for it! Nothing is more annoying than dying only to say, “OHHHHhhh, it was a quick time event.” Then having to come back and redo the whole thing again.but with the knowledge of the quick time event. Not only is there a button mash event but there is also the drag the analog stick and then mash the button event. I hate them all in this game and the only time I wasn’t punished for it was at the very end…You know what I’m talking about. If not, put 5 hours aside, 6 tops, to trod through this game and see what I mean. Speaking of trodding.

Haven’t I played this part already?

It seems like most of the gun fights are all the same. You end up facing enemies that only differ in clothing and very little in weapons and when you face a certain super natural enemy you tend to always face them in a warehouse and it’s always the same way. Nothing ever changes about this game, save fighting “major” enemies. The repetition was something that really took the fun out of the game for me and even when I applied to different outfits that came with the game, my character didn’t change anything (as far as I could tell). Then the biggest thing that got me was how they start you out in the game. The middle of the story is the beginning then you go back to the beginning to play up to the middle until you get to the end. Then you realize that you have to start at the middle to send you best friend back in time to meet your mother in the past…Oh wait, never mind. Oddly enough as crazy as the terminator storyline is it still makes more sense than the story in this game. After beating it I am still confused as to whats going on and that’s probably because they automatically set this game up for a sequel! (The order 1887? 1987?) I hate when games do that and know that they have no business doing it… I’m looking at you (inset your game here).

A thing of the future or something better left in 1886?

Leave it in the past, leave it alone! Don’t even look at this game. I hate to say it I really appreciate games for trying to go out on a limb and crack open a new story or genre. But this game was Not even worth a blip. The concept is cool, I like the fact that it puts a twist on aspects of that time but all in all it could have done better. And I don’t wReck this game to tear it down. I do it because I know it could have been better. If you wanted to put in a quick time like event try bullet time (or I think it was called black meter in this case I don’t remember) make it simpler, An action button is an action button is an action button. Why do I need to hit square or X or triangle just to do the same type of move over and over again? Open the levels up even more. Mass Effect did this and they were a 3PS. You can make the game more breathable by having the levels more fleshed out instead of closed in. Graphics be damned, There is no point in letting every bottle be knocked off of random banisters, every time they get ran into, if the level has no personality. Open the levels and improve on the enemies! Change them up for each faction. And please for god sake stick to the story and finish it! If the game is new, unless the story does a good job at leading back to the point of origin, don’t chop it up and serve it. Give everyone the meat instead of cutting up a perfectly good steak and serving it as an appetizer. There is so much I can say that this game could do to improve but I honestly do not see myself worrying about this game any more…Aside from the fact that I have to figure out where to put this bloody, damn collectors statue.

Ah well.

Thank you for reading my rant and review and I ask that if you have any suggestions, comments or questions contact me at warchildgames@gmail,com. As always I appreciate the support and feedback is always welcome.

Until next time

The rush is loud, so ride the lightning!

-War Child signing off

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