Hitman: Agent 47

A few days ago while I browsed YouTube I came across this interesting little piece of eye candy.

 I remember the previous Hitman movie, starring Timothy Olyphant, and I was actually impressed with the over all quality. I could have been a little better in some aspects. A little more dark, grim reality instead of the colorful story that was spun but all in all it was a decent movie. This movie looks like it will be more edgy and in your face. I could be wrong. Never judge a book by the cover or a movie by its trailer. But I have hope for this movie.


The previous movie did a fine job actually trying to match someone up with the actual character, seen above, and threw hints of the cannon story into the movie (maybe more like shreds for those of you who have seen it you know what I’m talking about.) The filming style was what caught my eye. In the director’s commentary of the DVD (ancient) he mentioned the fact that he took many shots filming the back of Agent 47 to make it seem like the actual game was being played. To this day my favorite scene is when 47 is sneaking through the hotel he was posted at and watching him swing through a window, only to land in another room where some kids were playing the actual Hitman game. I loved it!


The new Agent 47, played by Rupert Friend (awesome name) looks like an even more grim and serious agent (LIKE HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE FIRST PLACE!).The trailer is full of action and fire and bullets and EXPLOSIVE KUNG FU. Well maybe not so much the last part but still it does look like it is well done. Watching 47 sit in the interrogation room and freeing himself with a close range sniper bullet was one of the coolest handcuff tricks I had seen in a minute. But my only gripe with the movie is that there is one scene where there was a man and a woman talking in the car. The scene reminded me of Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor, as the woman is of great importance and they guy saving her is there for a reason. Could they have picked a more cliché way of describing Agent 47? Faster, stronger, smarter engineered. it SCREAMS Terminator. I still have hope but I promise you if I see Arnold I’m walking out of the theater.

But that’s all I have for now my fellow reading warriors,.

Until next time.

I’ll be….Umm…The rush is loud, so ride the lightning!

-War Child signing off


  1. I have guarded optimism for this movie. I liked the first one, but it missed in a few places. Video game to movie theater movies tend to get a bit watered-down when in the wrong hands, so I hope that this doesn’t “drop that deuce” and turd bomb the box office.

    1. I still think that it will be better than it’s predecessor. They made it seem like he was supposed to be the good guy in the previous movie I believe he even smiled a few times which killed the persona of the hit man himself. If anything I hope that it wool be rebooted like dread was. Karl Urban owned that role and made the movie his own.

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