So after so man questionable goodish/badish/WTF like movies (and suffering through EMO Toby Parker) finally something RIGHT happens! Marvel and Sony have finally agreed on a collaboration and all I’ve got to say is…HELL! It’s about time! (As my visor closes on my terrain marine exo-armor)  July 28th 2017 is the fated date that we will see a new Marvel Universe movie and with any luck there will be: A. Good storyline B. Great Actors and C. Something on par with a Winter Soldier or anything of the same ilk. So with that being said we should be able to full experience a great movie…Without a Emo Parker strutting his stuff down the street. Rumor has it that Andrew Garfield (Amazing Spider Man 1&2) is out of the picture(Say It ain’t So!) but again that is rumor and speculation. I’ll post more when there is some concrete evidence but until then let the rumor mill continue to spin.Ironically enough he posted links a while back from his Twitter asking fans to sign a petition to allow Sony and Marvel to work together. So that leaves the web heads mask vacant. Who could fill that mans web clad shoes? Pray they don’t get Nick Cage O_O! Now with that being said and the facts being laid out on the table here is a thought for all of you. Now that the pathways have been forged do you think we will see Wolverine next in the Avengers? How about a Planet Hulk after Age of Ultron? They have the right access to characters to start forming the Illuminati. How about X-Men Vs. Avengers? Leave me a thought of what you think could happen below or send any questions, comments or suggestions to warchildgames@gmail.com. But until I write again, I would like to thank you all for the support that you have given me so far and ask that you please continue to do so. Thank you for the time and interest in my post and stay tuned for my next post. Until next time fellow Warriors The rush is loud, so ride the lightning! -War Child signing off

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