The Black Vortex#1 Review


So its been a good moment since I’ve read a good comic book.Lately it seems that Marvel hasn’t really made too many storylines that have caught my eye. Oddly enough I saw a trailer for this comic book on YouTube. Now the motion capture that was used to advertise this comic book really stood out to me and I thought it was very unique. I was hoping for something good because lately Marvel has seemed kind of tame.some of the story lines seem like they could be good but they seem very limited. The last comic book I read was Thor and the new owner of the hammer was a woman.
Again,a slow build good that could be a good storyline.But I lift interest after issue 1.

The Black Vortex looks good artistically and the story looks like it has some heavy hitters in the line up but are reading through nothing is making me want to spend 4 to 5 dollars on the next issue. The idea behind the story is that there is an object that can access the full potential of anyone who uses it. Storm can be seen above viewing what she could be and she’s awesome! That makes me a little curious to see who else could be unstoppable in their powers but there are just too many heavy hitters in this arc. Guardians of the Galaxy, The X-Men (Beast, Kitty, Lockheed, Angel X-23, etc etc) and it seems like a slew of random members that have been added to the quest. Some of the comic panels had so much going on I couldn’t keep up.
I am curious about this mysterious woman though and it seems like one she arrived things good serious.
All and all its not a bad read but it’s not the best abd could use a little tuning to make a great story.

Thank you for your time my fellow Geekland Warriors and stay tuned for more.

The rush is loud, so ride the lightning!
-War Child signing out

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