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My memory was jogged as soon as I heard the name of the title. Thoughts of my college years and all the grudge matches that were born from this one simple game. Guilty Gear a game for anime enthusiast and fighting game fanatics alike. I can still hear all the strings of curses and cheers as two men fought for combat of would be top dawg of the sticks Honestly it has been shooter games for a good minute since before I even knew this title was coming out.. When I heard that Killer Instinct was coming back I was ecstatic, only to have my nostalgic glee ripped away by console exclusivity. You know, the whole dick measuring contest going on between Microsoft and Sony (I can almost hear Ken Watanabe saying “Let them fight!”) A few friends of mine were talking about how much they would love to see the Bloody Roar series make a come back on the PS4 since X Box 3 (Yes 3 not 1. Someone has horrendous counting skills.) took Killer Instinct. But that’s neither here nor there. Lets talk about this wonderful bit of nostalgia created for your own fighting pleasure.

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Let the game review begin!

Concept: Futuristic fighting set in a magic based world where science and technology go hand in hand.

Play Style: Anyone can button mash but Guilty Gear wants you to genuinely learn the more intricate parts of the game. Those of us that know the traditional dragon punch and dragon fire ball commands will be familiar with the simple specials but guilty gear wants more. Theses no running from specials once the multiple types of bars fill up for your character. A few punches and kicks later can cause an opponent to eat a fire ball in the face and that’s before they pull out a punishing overdrive move. Take great pleasure in watching the other guys life bar go down as you pummel them into defeat. Instant kill moves are even more deadly than Overdrive. There is no mercy, no retreat, no room to even play around once someone activates this special bar. On the offensive you have one shot and one shot only, miss, and you have no Overdrive bar at all. No bar> No specials> No level match. On the flip of that if you are running you better not get caught. If you are even close to your opponent when the screen fades and energy burst from them you are done.

Graphics: 2D. 3D, animated cut scenes! This game covers epicness from all angles. One minute you are fighting from side to side and the next an Overdrive move is activated and your character is being shown from a 3D anime style cut scene before they punish your hapless opponents. Characters are a cell drawn with wonderful detail and are very eye catching. You basically feel like you are playing an anime.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-_20150203001738Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-_20150203001530

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-_20150203004016Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-_20150203002438

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Control:I think this game, like all fighting games, would be better played with a fighting stick. Using a default Playstation controller isn’t exactly great in the control department. I tried to use the thumb stick with my huge man fingers and had very little luck. Switching to the D-pad was no better because doing double quarter moves was difficult. Fingers tend to slip off of the pad causing you to miss an input or make the wrong move. I can’t tell you how many times I jumped in the face of the computer just so it could slap me away. The only thing I wanted in the computers face was a fire ball ready to tea bag them! #GamerWorldProblems

Sounds: Good luck finding a Guilty Gear game that has a crap soundtrack. Guitar riffs flood the speakers as the fights go on pulling you into the atmosphere of the game. Hits are well pronounced through the sound of rock tracks and the voices, while cheesy for some characters, are very on point. I switched some characters back to their traditional Japanese voices though. Chipp Zanuff, being my favorite, I couldn’t respect the guy as long as his voice was squeaky and english like. It’s almost like trying to watch American Naruto after you have watched/read the japanese version first. You just want to yell out “What the HELL IS THIS CRAP!?” And Sol Badguy sounded like he really needed a cough drop or something. I predict by next game he’ll quick smoking and will probably be on a giant patch. his voice sounds like marble sized rocks being pushed through a grater. Solid Snake would probably give up smoking after hearing Sol speak.

Replay Value: Unlike some of the games I have played recently Guilty Gear can have my attention all day of it wanted. Any fighting game is a welcome challenge around a group of friends and even drilling yourself to learn the more complex combos can be fun. Online play is even smooth and it seems like Guilty Gears net code is very stable. Little to no lag between two people trying to get their beat down on. However, it seems like most of the updates or DLC will probably deal with costumes and some of the cast from previous Gulty Gear games are missing so (fingers crossed) Maybe they will add them as future DLC.

Overall: Guilty Gear is still a great game and can hold it’s own amongst other fighters. With a mix of wacky characters and cool concepts this game is guaranteed to make any solo or group play a memorable one. All in all I would say that this game Is Worth Fighting For and is defiantly worth having in your collection if it’s not there already.

Thanks for your time everyone I hope to see you in future reviews and feel free to check out my other post as well. and please feel free to send any questions, comments or suggestions to

Until then remember…

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The rush is loud, so ride the lightning!

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