Experiencing Technical Difficulties Please Stand By

As soon as I plan something more things happen. Forgive me, I’ve been taking with this ad valorem tax thing. I’ve had to drive most of metro Atlanta after spending $600 on a new catalytic converter and then add another $20p to that after both tires on the front decided to go flat (the passenger side started looking like a burnt, beat up bagle). And let’s not forget that I still had to pay the taxes. As soon as that was it of the way I ended up getting sick. So as far as updates I’ve been very behind and one again apologize. But, I can give you a few heads up as far as what will be coming.

Destiny: The game you don’t have to play to win. (The good and bad of gaming: Part II)

Guilty Gear: Xrd Sign review

Dying Light: Review and gameplay footage as the ZOMBIE.

Pay to play vs. Free the expectations of a gamer on a budget

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