What we have here is a failure to communicate

I have always found communication in the online gaming world to be a baffling puzzle that makes perfect non-sense. You are all given an objective you all have to work towards it but then things become F.U.B.A.R. when it comes time to converse. Any chance to create a functional plan of attack is thrown out the window once that one chaotic element is thrown into the mix. A catalyst of dysfunction creates a bad batch of fail for any team be they casual or hardcore gamers. Communication is a key function when it comes to playing as a team and most people don’t want to do that now days.

What is that NOISE?!?

Most games have a mode that requires co-op between everyone. Other games have a spectator mode where people can log on and watch an entire match between two or more gamers. As you can imagine spectator mode would be full of cheers and jeers from the many viewers involved. You can find this mode mainly in fighting games or shooters but there are other genres out there that cater to said mode. Then you have serious team work oriented game play modes that create a life link between players in the form of orders or updates from each person involved. This is mostly known between anyone that games objectively and has become mainly second nature. Why bring this up you ask? Because even though it may be second nature to some, most people still can not understand that during a serious game there is very little time for insulting the people who are there to help you out or annoying them to the point of leaving when you need help to get to the next check point. Perfect example of this is when I was playing a Raid match on Destiny.

For some reason we as gamers like to tear each other down instead of build each other up. Trash talk is almost mandatory when it’s player vs player but never when you’re trying to get something done as a group. During the raid the fire team leader, who obviously wasn’t old enough to legally buy the damn game, made it his responsibility to let everyone know how stupid they were being and how great he was at playing the game. A good minute or two into the game I decided this wasn’t worth my time and I proceeded to leave entirely. Hearing a pre-teen child squeal in my ear the entire match was not going to be my main source of entertainment that afternoon. The sad thing is gaming communities, while not restricted by age, are full of these little troglodytes. Not to say all pre-teens are like that but just the ones that have no idea how disrespect does not work in their favor. Then you have the noise makers. These type of gamers have to constantly make some sort of noise to be entertained. Annoyances range from; random, weird mouth noises, double microphone feed back, pets, family/other, music and my favorite zombified mouth breathing. They never listen, they do what they want despite the fact that it will cause things to go completely wrong and they always talk over everyone because they feel their suggestions are better than everyone else. It never ends well, comical as it may be, IT NEVER ENDS WELL! Perfect example is the Leroy Jenkins WoW incident. In the clip below you can hear the team try to formulate some plan before they continue on into a raid and then one person just bum rushes into the aggro zone and screws the whole raid over.

Take the bad and find good

But yet there is hope! There are going to be people who are willing to talk and see things through to the finish. It does exist and when it happens it is the best thing in the world. In the video below you will hear a clan working together in order to achieve victory in the Vault of Glass raid. Not only do they work successfully but they also finish without loosing a man.

These are the people that you hear about on the community web page or in various gaming magazines. It must be kept in mind that a community that can work together stays together and prospers as a whole. Thankfully there are implementations that can be used to find others whole share the same mindset and goals towards gaming that you may have.

How can I avoid all of this? How can I find people who game like me?

To every problem there are solutions as long as you are willing to work towards the answer. Websites that are LFG (looking for group) oriented  go a long way towards finding good matches and games. Every now and then you might hit a snag and end up with a bunch of squeakers or noisemakers and if you don’t have the patience that day keep trying for a better group. Try and build yourself up in the community, you might be able to find people that share your grief and are ready for a change. But for now, just do the best that you can to enjoy whatever game it is you are playing.

Thank you for reading the ramblings and rants of a grizzled gamer

Until next time

The rush is loud, so ride the lightening!

-War Child signing off


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