No, I didn’t unleash the fury or decide to rage quit. Allow me to explain why the caps. It all began when I was a young me (many, many feet ago back when I was not 6 ft. 2 in) disobeyed my aunt, who at the time was watching a scary movie that didn’t look so scary at first, told me not to watch this movie. I waited until she went to sleep and ended up watching it anyway. Little did I know this movie would affect how I viewed the dark every time I tried to sleep. That movie would affect my waking nightmares until I fell asleep and dreamed even more about the beast in this said movie. My fellow readers this movie was the original Alien.

The horrible visage of the Xenomorph was enough to keep me until exhaustion eventually took over and I fell asleep. As the years progressed I became more curious about the creature. It is a natural curiosity that makes people want to know more about what they are afraid of. I guess it stems from the fact that if you can learn your fears you can conquer them. It wasn’t until middle school that I did just that. Aliens had become such a popular action film at the time that they started making action figures based on the movie itself. Eventually they would end up making an Alien 3,which was the least popular of the films in my opinion but still a good movie none the less. Even the books were good reads!

Now enter the 2000’s where sci-fi movies had become more advanced as far as graphics and movie magic and story lines had become less about the actual story and more about the “What can we make look amazing on the screen! Good! Now what can we blow up!” affect. I was not to impressed with the AVP movies (What you wanted links? They were that bad look them up yourself…Oh fine! Aliens Vs. Predator / Aliens Vs. Predator:Requiem) Games were being made wrong (Aliens:Colonial Marines)  and generally all hope was lost. I had written off the series as forever being doomed to repeat its same line of horrible mistakes and horrible products. It was as if an alien queen was laying eggs full of bad ideas and they latched themselves onto the closest money bag holding director and then spawned even bigger horrible movies and games. Hell, that probably would have been a better movie than what I saw in the theaters! I’d call it Alien$ or something of the sort and my catch phrase would be in space no one can get your money back.

But then… Just when I thought all hope had gone. BAM! SEGA of all people finally did something right. They brought back the fear and the respect that the xenomorph deserved! Alien: Isolation made me re-live parts of my childhood that I thought I had forgotten. The alien stalked you in a dark and dying space station full of freaked out survivors and psychotic synthetics. The music even sought to work against your psyche as it played dramatic notes during moments when there wasn’t even any threats. Jump scares galore. It was great!

I bring all of this up simply to mention that my hope has been slightly restored if not officially. Neill Blomkamp posted these pictures in his Instagram account and it made me WANT this to happen. He had originally been working on a way to make an Alien movie that took place after Aliens but it looks like the idea never caught wind and did not make the light of day until now. What I hope is that he is testing the waters to see the fan reaction before he decides whether or not he will pursue the notion again.I hope he will because based on these images it looks like there is going to be quite a story behind them.

The Queen rules all!

Thank you for your time and thank you for your support. I hope you enjoyed this read and if you have any questions, comments or feedback feel free to contact me. But always remember.

The rush is loud, so ride the lightning!

-War Child signing off

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